Ironman or Bust

Training for an Ironman? Get all the tools, support & Kool-aid you need to rock it! At Endorphin Freak, we love long course training...

Old Dudes Rock!

Fear nothing - not even age. Is 50 the new 30? You decide. Because it's up to you! You do the right things and you'll be serving a can of whoop-ass...

Take The Challenge

We love a good challenge -- don’t you? Join us in one of our monthly challenges and show us what you’re made of. The best news is that...

Vegan Power

Eating a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet will make you a lean, clean racing machine. Get recipes & tips for your high-performance life.  

Mental Edge

While being a bit crazy is a hallmark of being an endurance athlete, it’s not enough. You have to find ways to sharpen your mental edge.

Cool Stuff

Check out the latest & greatest stuff we have to offer - like special reports and e-books… All designed to make you faster, fitter and AWESOMER!